Faster response time, more reliable communication, when seconds count

Managing patient needs more effectively while reducing costs is an increasing challenge for all types of healthcare providers – including hospitals, medical centers, nursing homes, EMS and patient transportation services. StreetTrek Solutions and MOTOTRBO™ digital radios enable care providers to track staff and mobile fleets and streamline communication for faster response and more cost-efficient care.

Keep all key personnel connected

Coordinating rapid response when lives are at stake requires effective communication. StreetTrek server solutions connect medical personnel, hospital staff and mobile fleets with one streamlined system. Administrators can send text and email messaging directly to MOTOTRBO™ digital radios for more reliable and discreet communications. Group notifications and emergency notifications improve productivity and enhance patient safety. Written (as opposed to voice) information ensures fewer errors and greater accountability, and enables storage of historical records of messages. JobTrek Servers integrate with virtually all work ticket programs and nurse call systems.

Track personnel and vehicles in real time

Managing mobile and portable assets efficiently reduces costs and improves patient care. StreetTrek’s premier GPS tracking solutions transform MOTOTRBO™ radios into a powerful tool for receiving real-time information about how your personnel and vehicles are deployed. Street-level mapping, including available Google Earth imaging, shows you the location and status of every emergency vehicle, healthcare campus vehicle, and staff member on your Windows computer.

StreetTrek Solutions and MOTOTRBO radios will enable you to:

  • Improve patient care
  • Deliver rapid emergency response
  • Communicate more reliably
  • Improve productivity and efficiency
  • Reduced operational expense